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Liberty: A New Musical (June 2022)

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Throughout the month of June, I took part in the first workshop for Liberty, a new folk musical written by Regan Hicks that tells the story of Annie Moore and the first immigrants to pass through Ellis Island sailing on the S.S. Nevada. I had the honor of originating the role of Mina DeLuca- a 17 year old Sicilian immigrant who falls in love with Irish immigrant Davis Kelly. As a descendant of Sicilian immigrants myself, this was a very special story to tell!

The workshop was presented on June 21st at CAP21 Studios and was directed by Rhiannon Ling and Shelbe Overby. Check out more photos from our rehearsals and show below! Further updates about this project can be found at @_liberty_the_musical_ on Instagram.

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